Facts of Life... Southern Style

Denton Georgia's
"Jeff Foxworthy"

Growing up in the small South Georgia town of Denton, GA (population 212, 1 caution light and 1 convenience store) provides an endless supply of true life story material. Denton is like many small rural towns throughout the south in that we have a lot of "good ole boys & good ole girls", who though being wonderful people, do offer many instances for "Hey Yall Watch This" moments. These moments are opportunities to learn the Facts of Life with a Southern Flavor.
Each program that Van presents is filled with "good ole boy" stories that actually happened within the city streets of Denton (or nearby). Stories like "The Chicken that fell off the Truck," You Can't go forward Backin-up, Introducing Road Runner & Wizzard , "Blind in One Eye"& Prayin for the Preacher give unique insight into the Wisdom of Life that even a child can relate to.
The programs that Van offers always meet the following test
  • 1)- Of the highest moral values proving that humor can be clean enough that you would not mind retelling to your mother and
  • 2)- Inundated with Positive Attitude.
  • 3)- Biblical based principles.
The Facts of Life Southern Style programs have something for any occasion, whether it be Business programs, Church Events, Civic programs, Holiday Banquets or any other where you want a little Southern Humor that can produce life changing results for those in attendance. Speaking of Southern Humor-In most every speaking engagement someone always come up to Van with this statement- "do you know who you sound just like?" Jeff Foxworthy
  • " A tremendous speaker in the comedy act and in sharing words of encouragement."
    Christy Smith- AgSouth Farm Credit Region 1 Marketing Manager, Statesboro, GA.

  • " I had nothing but positive remarks from the 38 lenders from across the district about your presentation- the insight that you shared with these young lenders based on experiences will be invaluable as they face the challenges of 2009/ 2010. Ronnie Hucks-District Credit Training Officer, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank, Columbia SC.

  • " AgSouth Support Staff Conference Attendees, Charleston S.C. (96% Excellent rating) -Attendee Comments:
    • - The message and way it was presented was wonderful;
    • - Exceptional, would love to have him every year;
    • - A true inspiration.
    • - An awesome & powerful speaker-the humor allows everyone to learn by relating to the stories.

  • " Your message was uplifting and right on point. The 5 points of the star were exactly what I wanted the staff to hear. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the room. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your presentation. Lisa Gunter, CFO, AgSouth Farm Credit, Spartanburg, SC.

  • " I believe the key to our success is as easy as Van says-We need to have a "I can do it" attitude. Bill Spigener, CEO AgSouth Farm Credit, Statesboro, GA.

  • " A truly special and gifted person. Rick Moore, Director of Risk Mngt. , AgSouth Farm Credit, Orangeburg, SC.

If you are intersted in booking Van for a speaking engagement, please contact him at (912) 222-2840 or my email here.