Field Day 2005

"God In The Hunt"

Snipesville, GA

Using the historic antique farm house of the McCall Family Farm as the headquarters, the tall pines as the surroundings, the God given great weather as the background, over 150 participants of all ages in attendancefilled the day with activities. From the Trophy Room, to the Ministry/Learning Stations, to the Prizes that were donated by many local business and individuals, everybody had a great time. If you do not believe me, look at the "Clowning Around" page for some evidence.
Due to the number of pictures that were taken, we have divided up the pictures into the categories below, or if you want to look at all of the pictures, use the the link labeled "All Of The Above". Take and look and plan on attending next year.

The Trophy Room Ministry/Learning Stations Gatherings

General Clowning Around

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