Youth Hunts

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Caleb & Lowell Floyd Ryan & Jeff Carver Bro Van with Bailey.
The winner of a turkey hunt later this year.
(No, her face is not dirty. She
has camo paint.
Christopher & Michael Joyce
Christopher getting ready for the hunt. One thing about it, we do eat well. Nothing like a campfire. And even better are bisquits on the fire. "God In The Hunt" Lodge
"God In The Hunt" Lodge Bro Jeff Morrow, pastor of the Broxton Church of God joined us for the hunt. This is Christopher in the stand. Christopher & Bro Van
Gabe Thornton, Our First Deer Kill Matthew Murray with his first deer. Devan Hatfield Drew Smith
Dagen Smith, Our First Girl Hunt Cody Copeland with Bro Van Even Bro Van's girls get in on the action Whitney and some of her friends try turkey hunting
Whitney and some of her friends try turkey hunting Youth Pro Staff with Jake King Youth Pro Staff at the lodge Luke Dean with Bro Van
Spencer Douglas & Bro Van John Casey Newman & Bro Van Rebecca and Chris Flanders Charlie and Chris Flanders
Janie Beth Smith and James