"Teach and Reinforce Biblical principles through the platform of the sports of hunting."

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Character Aware - Reinforcing, Teaching and Setting the Example of Biblical Character in order to impact our area Youth by using the platform of Hunting and Outdoor Activities.
Objectives: The 4 Objectives of God In The Hunt are:
  • 1) - Investing Biblical Character into area Youth.
  • 2)- Spanning the Younger & Older Generation Gap in all Activities
  • 3) - Evangelism to unsaved Sportsmen and Sportswomen
  • 4) - Teaching hunting and outdoor skills and safety in a Fun environment
Plan Of Action: The 4 Objectives of God In The Hunt are:
  • 1) - Annual Field Day - 1st Saturday in each October Annually.
  • 2) - Various hunting & shooting activities which incorporate a Biblical Character instruction ministry for Adult/Youth teams.
  • 3) - The Youth Pro-Staff Program.
  • 4) - Wild Game Program, Motivational and Evangelist speaking to promote and teach God's plan of a Christian Character America
  • 5) - Incorporating the "10 Biblical Character Principles" into each activity - Knowledge; Attitude; Truth; Work Ethic; Respect; Humility; Kindness; Purity; Integrity & Patience
All of our activities have a goal of "Spanning the Generation Gap" in order to bring the younger and older generations together to fulfill our Operating Plan of - LINK / LEVERAGE / LIFT (Linking the two generations through relationship and outdoor activity / allowing the younger generation to Leverage the Biblical Character knowledge and example of the older Generation (NORTHSTARS) with the goal of Lifting the younger to lifestyle of Christian Character by adulthood so that they then can carry on LINK/LEVERAGE / LIFT to their next generation.
A guiding wisdom of life principle is that the older generation realizes that - "WHERE WE'VE BEEN WE CAN'T REVISIT/ WHERE WE ARE IS A RESULT OF WHERE WE'VE BEEN / WHERE WE GO IS DETERMINED BY WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ON OUR JOURNEY". Understanding this as adults we have the responsibility to LINK to the next generation and allow them to LEVERAGE what we know in order that they will be LIFTED to a place of responsible Christian Character examples as adults.
God in the Hunt is completely free to all youth and is made possible by our generous Donors and Sponsors that make investments in the Character Development of our Future Leaders of America. For a listing of our Business and Church sponsors check out our Sponsor's Page.
If your church, civic group or other gathering would like to hear more about "God In The Hunt," please give Van McCall a call at 912-222-2840 OR 912-375-7614 to discuss booking a "God In The Hunt" Rally. Van McCall is an Ordained minister with ministry experience since 1983 as an evangelist. Brother McCall uses many hunting stories, true life experiences and everyday object lessons (with a flavor of southern humor) as a tool for delivering the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with the goal of encouraging Christian Character.

Bro Van speaks at many venues using true life stories of "Hunt'n & other Southern Humor Experiences" to teach valuable life changing Biblical-based Character lessons through the Wisdom experiences of his life.