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The Youth Pro-Staff Program is a program that God In The Hunt has developed with the mission to identify 5 Youth to be Ambassadors of Christian Character to our communities. The 5 Positions will be identified by Nomination and chosen by a committee of Christians that demonstrates the Fruit of Biblical Character. The term of service will be for 1 year from acceptance and will be reevaluated Annually. Nominations can be made via Youth Pro Staff Application link below. All applicants are evaluated per Qualifications to follow. Youth responsibilities and rewards are per the Rules/Rewards to follow:
Training provided in the Youth Pro Staff Program:
  • - Bible Character Development Programs
    • 10 Principals of Christian Character
  • - Outdoor Safety & Skills Training
    • Shooting & Archery Instruction
    • Hunt Simulations, Wildlife Management & Wildlife Habitat training
    • Fair Chase and Ethical Hunting Instruction
    • Rifle , Handgun accuracy and safety
    • DNR Safety training
    • Other activites
  • - Community Service
    • Assigned team Community Projects
The Youth Pro-Staff Qualifications, Guidelines & Responsibilities:
  • Individuals that demonstrate solid Christian Character Principles.
  • Working at God in the Hunt Field Day and other Events.
  • Helping prepare the GITH site for Field Day.
  • Completion of Application per form in the link below.
  • Community Service Work Projects.
  • Promoting God in the Hunt activities and mission to the community.
  • Ambassadors of Christian Character to other youth and all in our communities.
  • Completing required tasks or assignments.
  • Faithful Attendance at Church of Choice for the Camp Quarter.
  • Hold Harmless Waiver executed by legal Guardian of the youth
  • The Youth Pro Staff parent/Guardian will be expected to be in support of the youth's commitment to the program & transportation prior to applying.
  • The Selection Committee will have the responsibility of continually reviewing the Youth Pro Staff members and their continuance in the program or replacement at any time.
Youth Pro-Staff Program Benefits:
  • God in the Hunt Youth Pro Staff Shirt Awarded upon completion of Biblical Character Development Program.
  • Deer / Hog hunt at Green Lakes Hunting (Ocilla, GA) - October 30th - Nov 1st, 2014
  • More Information on Green Lakes Hunt @ Green Lakes Hunting's Site
  • Other Hunt opportunities as scheduled by God in the Hunt.
The 5 Youth Pro-Staff members will be selected by the follwoing method.

Nominations - Print and Complete the application located at the bottom of this page. Once completed, mail it to:

God In The Hunt
C/O Van McCall
477 McCall Road
Denton, GA 31532

Selection - A God in the Hunt Selection Committee will review all applications and make final selections. Selections will be based on submitted information received in the God in the Hunt Youth Pro Staff Application Forms and Requirements.

Note that this program will not be of any cost to the youth chosen due to the generous donations of our Sponsors & Supporters. The program will however require commitment, discipline from the youth and as well other items as listed above. .

Download Application Here